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Welcome to the Feature Activity Sensitivity Tool (FeAST). FeAST allows users to investigate the sensitivity of marine features in Scotland's seas, to pressures arising from human activities. 

FeAST has been devised as a tool to be used in a variety of ways by anyone with an interest in potential impacts on marine features. It has been used to underpin assessments in Scotland’s Marine Assessment 2020, and for discussions on management requirements for Marine Protected Areas and Priority Marine Features.  

The aim is that information on the sensitivity of all Scottish marine features of conservation importance will be incorporated into FeAST, with the evidence base updated periodically.

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  • Depending on your area of interest you can explore FeAST from a marine activity, pressure or feature starting point. If you need help using FeAST please see our help page.

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Latest Updates to Data

The information in this application is periodically updated to include new features and updated sensitivity assessments. The most recent updates are listed below: